NBC-Dynasty League

Draft Weekend 2009: The guys went out to check out the new Indians facility. (back) Ken (Twins), John D. (Orioles), Sean (Rangers), Paul (Mets), Don (Yankees), Josh (Marlins), Ed (Nationals), Bob (Angels), Alan (Brewers). (front) John W.(Cardinals), Scott (Reds), and Jason (Rays).
Draft Weekend 2008: Bob Bovee made his first trip out. Here we are after watching the Rockies play the Mariners. The guys in the front from left to right: Jim (Astros), Ed (Nationals), Sean (Rangers), Paul (Mets), Scott (Reds), Alex (Blue Jays), Josh (Marlins), Bob (Angels), Jason (Rays), and Frank (White Sox)
Draft Weekend 2007: Road Trip!!! The guys hit the highway for a game in Tucson between the D-Backs and White Sox. It was much warmer than last year. The guys in the front from left to right: Ed (Nationals), Jason (Devil Rays), Scott (Reds), Ken (Twins), Brian (Tigers). Back row from left to right: Jim (Astros), Darrel (Braves), Paul (Mets), Jeremy (Phillies), John (Cardinals), Josh (Marlins), and Alan (Brewers)
Draft Weekend 2006: A motley crew. Front row (left to right): Paul (Cubs), Scott (Reds), Josh (Marlins), John (Cardinals), Alex (Blue Jays), and Jim (Astros). Back row (left to right): Jason (D-Rays), Ed (Nationals), Ryan (Padres), Ken (Twins), Darrel (Braves), and Sean (Rangers). Here we are at a spring training game the day before the draft. Yes, it was a little cold as you can see by the jackets, but we got to watch some good baseball between the D-Backs and Brewers.
Ed (Nationals) using Skype at draft
2007 draft at the Yocum's house
2008 draft at Days Inn in Mesa
Jason (Rays) lets Scott (Reds) inspect his dice
2009 draft at the Eggen's house
Sean (Rangers) looking for the diamond in the rough
Draft weekend 2011: Here we are at the start of the draft. Most are still smiling. (back) Richard (Padres), Dave (A's), Darrel (Braves), Tony (D-Backs), Paul (Mets), Jeremy (Phillies, Rob (Indians),and Al (Brewers). (table) John A. (Red Sox), Ed (Nationals), Scott (Reds), Sean (Rangers), and Don (Yankees). (floor) Jim (Astros), Josh (Marlins) and Frank (White Sox)
Draft weekend 2012: Living it up in a suite at Goodyear Ballpark. (left to right) Jim (Astros), Sean (Rangers), Ed (Nationals), Scott (Reds), Paul (Mets), Don (Yankees), Tony (D-Backs), Josh (Marlins), Richard (Padres), and Rob (Indians)
Richard (Padres) and Rob (Indians) work the chat lines to keep the draft moving
It is amazing that the league stays afloat with these guys running it.
2013 draft at Comfort Inn. Everyone was all smiles after the draft because they all thought they had the steal of the draft. Front row Paul (Mets), Josh (Marlins), Ed (Nationals), Scott (Reds). Back row John (Red Sox), Sean (Rangers), Jeremy (Phillies) Don (Yankees), Alan (Brewers), Richard (Padres), Rob (Indians), Alex (Blue Jays), and Frank (White Sox)
Serious Draft Day Tournament games
We were just as surpised as Sean looks when he won the tournament.
Checking out a game at Maryvale Stadium
2016 Draft day selfie! Richard (Padres), Ed (Nationals), Don (Yankees), Al (Brewers), Paul (Mets), John W. (Cardinals), John A. (Red Sox), Sean (Rangers), Jim (Astros) and Scott (Reds)
The Commish photo bomber!
2017 Draft Day: Nice turn out. Front row: Scott (Reds), Ed (Nationals), Don (Yankees), Jeremy (Royals), Paul (Mets), and Josh (Marlins). Back Row: John (Reds Sox), Tony (D-Backs), Jim (Astros), Darrel (Braves), Jeremy (Phillies), Sean (Rangers), Richard (Padres), and Rob (Indians).
Is that you dad?
Maryvale game on St. Patrick's Day!
2018 Draft Day: back row: Jeremy (Phillies), Don (Yankees), Alex K. (Giants), Dave (A's), Tony (D-Backs), Darrel (Braves), Rob (Indians), Jim (Astros), John (Red Sox). middle row: Sean (Rangers), Josh (Marlins), Alex B. (Blue Jays), Richard (Padres). front row: Alan (Brewers), Corey (White Sox), Ed (Nationals), Paul (Mets), Scott (Reds).
Jeremy making all Canadians proud.
Some serious thought went into this years draft, or did he just realize he is older then Bartolo Colon?
Photos of Past Drafts
2019 Spring Training game at Hohokam Park (Home of the Oakland A's)
front: Richard (Red Sox), Paul (Mets), Jeremy (Phillies), Don (Yankees), Jake (Reds fan), Ed (Nationals). back: Josh (Marlins), Jim (Astros), Rob (Indians), Alan (Brewers), Ken (Twins), Darrel (Braves), Scott (Reds)
Some serious draft research? No, just taking down everyone's pizza order!
Ken realizing that he was drafting off of Alan's list.
2019 Draft: front: Jeremy (Phillies), Richard (Red Sox), Josh (Marlins), Ed (Nationals), Paul (Mets). back: Alex (Giants), Rob (Indians), Scott (Reds), Ken (Twins), Darrel (Braves), Tony (D-Backs), Sean (Rangers), Jim (Astros)
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