NBC-Dynasty League

Class of 2011
 Hall of Fame
Ken Griffey Jr.
Seattle Mariners
Nominated by Brad Buckert
 Ken Griffey, Jr. was the original protection pick of the Mariners before I took over the team. (I came into the league because this was an available team.) He was one of the best CF's to ever play the game all-time. He is a Hall of Famer in every regard. He was one of the most feared LH hitters. He was one of the greatest defensive CF's of all-time and he could run, both on the bases and with tremendous range in the OF. He also had a great arm. He was truly a great all-around player.
  Jr. was a fixture for the Mariners in the playoffs and World Series. He participated in 5 World Series winning 3 of them 1996, 2002 & 2003. He was also on the losing side of the World Series 2 times in 2006 & 2007. He was also on the ALCS losing teams in 2005 & 2008. The Mariners were in the playoffs from 2002 - 2008 and were the the most feared team in the league at that time. He was part of the losing team in the 1997 playoff 1st round and unfortunately from 1998 - 2001 there was not enough information to let you know if the Mariners were in the playoffs any of those years.
 He spent his entire 21 year career with the Mariners and will go down as one of the "greatest players of all-time" He retired at the beginning 2011 season in MLB and retired from NBC-Dynasty League after the 2010 season.
Steve Finley
Cincinnati Reds
Steve Finley will go into the NBC Hall of Fame with two hats. This doesn't usually happen, but he was equally good in both Cincinnati and Houston.

Steve Finley was an integral part of the success for both the Cincinnati Reds and Houston Astros in the 1990's and early 2000's. With Cincinnati, Finley played 9 season and was part of 2 NBC World Series winner. . Acquired from Baltimore in 1991 with Hal Morris for Paul O'Neill, Finley wastraded to Pittsburgh in 1992 with Joe Oliver and a 1st round pick for Bobby Bonilla and a 3rd. Finley was reacquired from Houston in 1999 for Reggie Sanders and traded back to Houston in 2007 with 2 picks for a 1st round pick. Finley was an all star for Cincinnati in 2003.
With Houston, Finley was a key member of the Astros' 1997 NBC World Series champs, hitting .292 with 35 home runs and 160 RBI's. In 1993, Finley won the NL batting title, hitting .349 and stealing an Astros' team record 93 bases. With both the Astros and Reds, Finley's solid defense in center field and speed on the bases were key to each team's success. Finley's career stats with the Reds and Astros are as follows:
Nominated by Jim Williams
Houston Astros