NBC-Dynasty League

Class of 2019
 Hall of Fame
John Wilkes
St. Louis Cardinals
Nominated by Scott Janoe
Mr. Cardinal, John Wilkes, was a mainstay of the league for 30 years. John’s Cardinal teams were always well run and loaded with homegrown talent that John managed to get the best from year in and year out. His commitment to timely play (In some years John finished his games before other teams finished the first half) and hard work helping others finish up their games made the league run smoothly. As part of the “Canuck Crew” he was vital to keeping the NBC vibrant and active in the North. And when he wasn’t joshing with his son and fellow league member, Alan, he was always doing something else to make the league a better place. John passed away January of 2020, but will forever be a member of our great league.