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2008 Season
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2008 NBC World Series
Cincinnati Reds vs San Francisco Giants (Giants win series 4-2)
Congrats to Don and a great season. He really work hard on this team and deserved a title, before he heads to the NL.

The National League playoffs are set, as all games have been reported. Congratulations to those that made the playoffs. Jason has the Rays in the playoffs for the 1st time!!! The Marlins held off the Reds to take the NL East crown, and the Phillies cruised into the extra round.
2008 Match ups
Tampa Bay Rays vs Florida Marlins (Marlins win series 4-1)
Cincinnati Reds vs Philadelphia Phillies (Reds win series 4-3)
Cincinnati Reds vs Florida Marlins (Reds win series 4-1)

The American League playoffs are set. Congratulations to Frank for taking the White Sox to the AL Central title. Brad was at it again. His Mariner machine pumped out 120 wins as they take the West. The Giants have captured the wild card. Blue Jays moved into the playoffs again and will face the Mariners again.
2008 Match ups
San Francisco Giants vs Chicago White Sox (Giants sweep series 4-0)
Toronto Blue Jays vs Seattle Mariners (Mariners sweep series 4-0)
San Francisco Giants vs Seattle Mariners (Giants win series 4-3)
National League Awards handed out for 2008
  The National League 2008 season awards were handed out today. The biggest surprise was the MVP award. The MVP was awarded to Carlos Pena of the Tampa Bay Rays. Pena beat out Albert Pujols in a close race. Pena lead his team to their 1st ever playoff appearance and was by far their most valuable player. He batted .311 with 180 RBIs, many coming on his 58 home runs.
  The NL Cy Young award was handed out to Erik Bedard of the Minnesota Twins in a landslide. Bedard led the league in many categories (era, strike outs, wins). He was 23-7 with a 2.66 era, while striking out an amazing 351 batters.
  The Cincinnati Reds drafted a couple guys this past draft that were counted on to produce right away, and did they ever. Joakim Soria was named Fireman of the Year after saving a league leading 51 games in 2008. His knack of getting the big out helped lead the Reds to the World Series. The other Reds player to explode on the scene was CF Josh Hamilton. Hamilton batted .323, while knocking in 87 runs as a rookie. He also hit 27 HRs in 128 games. Those stats were what gave Hamilton the NL Rookie of the Year.
---to see the list of Silver Sluggers, go to the awards page (individuals).

American League Awards handed out for 2008
   The American League handed out their awards today and it was as expected. The Seattle Mariners and San Francisco Giants dominated all categories. The AL MVP was given to Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod led his team to the best record in the NBC and one game away from the World Series. He hit .316 with 59 home runs. He also drove in an AL leading 178 runs.
  The AL Cy Young goes to Chris Young (no relation) of the Seattle Mariners. His 32-2 record just might be the greatest season in the history of the league. His era was over 2, but barely. It was 2.01. Not really sure how he lost 2 games.
  The Fireman relief award goes to San Francisco's Joe Nathan. His 12-3 record with 43 saves was instrumental in the success of the Giants. His play in the WS was epic, as he sealed the deal for the World Champs.
  Rookie of the Year goes to Tim Lincecum of the San Francisco Giants. He had a fine regular season, but most will remember his playoff escapades. It seemed like the guy pitched every game of the playoffs.
---to see the list of Silver Sluggers, go to the awards page (individuals).

National League

M.V.P.: Carlos Pena - Tampa Bay Rays
Cy Young: Erik Bedard - Minnesota Twins
Fireman: Joakim Soria - Cincinnati Reds
Rookie of the Year: Josh Hamilton - Cincinnati Reds

Silver Sluggers

1st base: Carlos Pena - Tampa Bay Rays
2nd base: Chase Utley - Philadelphia Phillies
Shortstop: Miguel Tejada - Philadelphia Phillies
3rd base: Adrian Beltre - Pittsburgh Pirates
Catcher: Russell Martin - Los Angeles Dodgers
Outfield: Adam Dunn - Cincinnati Reds
Outfield: Matt Holliday - Colorado Rockies
Outfield: Hunter Pence - Houston Astros
Pitcher: Micah Owings - Tampa Bay Rays

American League

M.V.P.: Alex Rodriguez - Seattle Mariners
Cy Young: Chris Young - Seattle Mariners
Fireman: Joe Nathan - San Francisco Giants
Rookie of the Year: Tim Lincecum - San Francisco Giants

Silver Sluggers

1st base: Todd Helton - Seattle Mariners
2nd base: Jeff Kent - San Francisco Giants
Shortstop: Jimmy Rollins - Seattle Mariners
3rd base: Alex Rodriguez - Seattle Mariners
Catcher: Ben Molina - Kansas City Royals
Outfield: Barry Bonds - San Francisco Giants
Outfield: Carlos Beltran - Seattle Mariners
Outfield: Alfonzo Soriano - Los Angeles Angels
Designated Hitter: Jim Thome - San Francisco Giants

All Star Game

It was a beautiful July night at Pro Player Stadium. Light bulbs flashed everywhere as Adam Wainright threw the first pitch to Ichiro Suzuki. Ichiro lead off with a single, but that was all the offense the AL could muster in the top half of the 1st. In the bottom of the first the NL went down 1-2-3. In the top of the 2nd Todd Helton lead off with a single off Wainright, but a 2 out drive off the bat of Paul LoDuca came up short in the cavernous center field. In the bottom of the 2nd, Carlos Pena led off with a single off starter Chris Young. After an Adam Dunn Strikeout (gasp!), Adrian Beltre singled advancing Pena to 2nd. In a risky move, NL manager Gaeraths ordered a double steal which was successful off the slow to the plate Young. Giles was next who hit a fly out to center, but Pena does not tag, respecting the arm of Ichiro. With 2 outs, Mark Lorett comes through with a 2 run single to give the NL a 2-0 lead. After a Carlos Guillen fly out, that was the end of 2.
Erik Bedard came in to pitch the top of the 3rd got David Ortiz to hit a lazy pop up between the shortstop and left fielder. The worst case scenario for an all star game occurs when Loretta and Dunn collide going for the ball. Ortiz is credited with a double as both players had to be removed from the game. But Bedard settles in to retire the next 3 hitters. That makes all 3 innings the AL got the leadoff man on, but did not plate him. Josh Beckett returned to Florida but this time pitching for the AL. With 2 outs he walked Utley who steals second, but a collision occurred on the steal. Utley was okay but Jimmy Rollins had to be removed from the game for the AL. Dan Haren was the next pitcher for the NL and pitched a perfect 4th with the only scare a long fly out off the bat of Freddy Sanchez, but center field is where fly balls go to die in Pro Player Stadium. Brandon Webb came in for the placeStateAL in the 4th, and he gave up a 1 out single to Beltre who then stole second. Beltre scores on a Yunel Escobar RBI single. Beckett settles in to get Hunter Pence to strike out to end the 4th with the NL leading 3-0.
Roy Halladay entered in the 5th for the NL, and despite a pinch hit single from Miguel Cabrera, did not allow a run. Javier Vazquez came in for the AL and promptly gave up a leadoff single to Russell Martin. After an Utley deep drive comes up short, Pena is hit by the pitch. Utley and Pena move up on a Brad Hawpe groundout. Utley scores when Hanley Ramirez (in the game for Rollins) boots a grounder. Webb settles in to strike out Brian Giles. After 5 the NL leads 4-0.
AJ Burnett enters the game for the NL to a raucous ovation from the hometown crowd. But Burnett struggles as he gives up a leadoff single to Ramirez. Ramirez then steal second and third (boy has Burnett seen this before). Ramirez scores on a Alex Rodriguez sacrifice fly. After Magglio Ordonez doubles, and 2 out walks to Sanchez and Gary Mathews Jr., Burnett buckles down to strike out LoDuca to get out of the inning with a 4-1 lead. Rich Hill enters the game for the AL in the bottom of the 6th and pitches around a leadoff walk to Escobar to pitch a scoreless frame. Jonathan Papelbon enters for the NL in the 7th and pitches a perfect inning. Troy Percival entered for the AL and pitched around a double by Prince Fielder to give up nothing.
Francisco Rodriguez enters the game in the 8th for the NL, where he strikes out all 3 batters he faces. Joe Nathan enters for the AL and gives up a one out walk to Escobar, a pinch hit single to home town hero Kenny Lofton, and a walk to BJ Upton to load the bases. But Nathan settles in to strike out Brian Mccann and got Placido Polanco to fly out. So we enter the top of 9 with the AL down 4-1 and Joakim Soria entering the game to try to pull a rare double; pitch scoreless inning in the futures game as well as the All-Star game. But these hitters are a little more dangerous. Jeff Kent led off with a single, followed by a Juan Pierre single and a David Wright fly out. Soria then walks pinch hitter Barry Bonds to load the bases. Carlos Beltran then hits a long fly out to center that scores placecountry-regionKent. Hanley Ramirez was the AL's last hope but he meekly grounds out to short, ending the game with a National League 4-2 victory.
Player of the game honors went to Mark Loretta for his 2 run single that started it all for the NL. When asked about getting MVP he said, “Did anyone get the license plate of that truck that hit me?” Yes Mark, it read DUNN.
N.L. EAST W L Pct GB Home Road
*Florida Marlins 105 57 0.648 xxx 59 - 22 46 - 35
*Cincinnati Reds 102 60 0.630 3 60 - 21 42 - 39
Washington Nationals 92 70 0.568 13 51 - 30 41 - 40
Texas Rangers 75 87 0.463 30 42 - 39 33 - 48
San Diego Padres 61 101 0.377 44 32 - 49 29 - 52
N.L. Central W L Pct Home Road
**Philadelphia Phillies 99 63 0.611 xxx 57 - 24 42 - 39
Minnesota Twins 86 76 0.531 13 49 - 32 37 - 44
St. Louis Cardinals 83 79 0.512 16 47 - 34 36 - 45
Milwaukee Brewers 71 91 0.438 28 41 - 40 30 - 51
New York Mets 70 92 0.432 29 36 - 45 34 - 47
N.L. West  W L Pct Home Road
**Tampa Bay Devil Rays 93 69 0.574 xxx 51 - 30 42 - 39
Pittsburgh Pirates 84 78 0.519 9 53 - 28 31 - 50
Houston Astros 74 88 0.457 19 42 - 39 32 - 49
Los Angeles Dodgers   72 90 0.444 21 37 - 44 35 - 46
Colorado Rockies  70 92 0.432 23 37 - 44 33 - 48
A.L. East W L Pct GB Home Road
**Toronto Blue Jays 88 74 0.543 xxx 48 - 33 40 - 41
Cleveland Indians 84 78 0.519 4 49 - 32 35 - 46
Baltimore Orioles 75 87 0.463 13 42 - 39 33 - 48
New York Yankees 65 97 0.401 23 39 - 42 26 - 56
Boston Red Sox 65 97 0.401 23 35 - 46 30 - 51
A.L. Central W L Pct Home Road
**Chicago White Sox 95 67 0.586 xxx 50 - 31 45 - 36
Detroit Tigers 85 77 0.525 10 49 - 32 36 - 45
Atlanta Braves 65 97 0.401 30 31 - 50 34 - 47
Chicago Cubs 63 99 0.389 32 29 - 52 34 - 47
Kansas City Royals 56 106 0.346 39 32 - 49 24 - 57
A.L. West W L Pct Home Road
**Seattle Mariners 120 42 0.741 xxx 65 - 16 55 - 26
*San Francisco Giants 102 60 0.630 18 58 - 23 44 - 37
Arizona Diamondbacks 89 73 0.549 31 53 - 28 36 - 45
Oakland Athletics 71 91 0.438 49 38 - 43 33 - 48
Los Angeles Angels 70 92 0.432 50 39 - 42 31 - 50