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The 2018 Home Run Derby featured some serious power hitters and they didn't disappoint.

Here is the line up

American League
Manny Machado - Baltimore Orioles
Jose Abreu - Chicago White Sox
Jose Ramirez - Los Angeles Angels
Mike Trout - Seattle Mariners

National League
Charlie Blackmon - Chicago Cubs
Marcell Ozuna - Philadelphia Phillies
Joey Gallo - Texas Rangers
J.D. Martinez - St. Louis Cardinals

The rules: Each player would bat until they made 10 outs (any ball not hit out of the park). The top 4 would advance, but they would carry over any home runs they hit into round #2 were they get 5 outs. The top 2 would advance to the finals. The finals would be be a clean slate with each finalist getting 10 outs again.

Round #1

The star pf round #1 was Joey Gall (Texas). He would open up with 5 homers on the 1st 5 pitches. Gallo goes on the get 22 HRs in round #1. The closes one to him is Abreu with 18. Gallo also hit the longest homer at 495'.

Gallo - 22
Abreu - 18
Martinez - 15
Machado - 13

Ramirez - 10
Blackmon - 9
Trout - 8
Ozuna - 7

Round #2

In round #2 Gallo lead off with 7 home runs to move his total to 27. Abrue was the big hitter in round #2 with 9. Martinez and Machado could only muster 3 each.

Gallo - 29
Abreu - 27

Martinez - 18
Machado - 16


Abreu would bat first. After getting 6 outs and 7 homers, Abreu knocks the next 4 out for 11. His bat goes silent as the next 4 pitches were all outs. That set the stage for the home town slugger (Gallo) to take a shot at the crown. Gallo starts out could pulling 5 balls foul down the line and not hitting his first home run until 6 outs are in the books. He would rage a come back late as he homers 4 times in a row, but falls short with only 7 total. Jose Abreu is the winner!

Abreu - 11
Gallo - 7