NBC-Dynasty League

 Rumor Mill
What's available for contenders?
Aroldis Chapman: T rated closer
Robinson Chirinos: C - 426 MLB PAs (639 NBC PAs). 144 #s to both sides with 5 power. +3 arm is the draw back. He is the starter in Houston.
Jay Bruce: 1B/OF - 370 MLB PAs (555 NBC PAs). 162 #s to RH. Plays AV defense at both positions
Reds needs
SP: Young starting pitching or guys that might be just down this season.
2020 Draft picks
We have to admit we are in rebuild mode.
Needs: draft picks (this year or next), 2B fulltime or at least 1/2 time, 1/3 catcher, #5 Starting Pitcher, draft picks (this year or next).
Possible moveable parts:
 Wade Davis - Closer TLF and 54 vs LH and 108 vs RH can be available for a very good offer. Good draft picks are preferred though filling my other needs &/or draft picks is an option.
If relievers Strickland (reverse RH closer TF), Barnes, or Warren are favourite players &/or of interest they can be had as well.
Denard Span 223 vs LH and 158 vs RH could be moved for the right offer.
Anyone 25 and under is not moveable so that makes a whopping 4 "untouchables" on the team......(Sano, Berrios, Leclerc, Allen)
Still flogging Fiers for a 1st next year - FT SP with a 1.18 WHIP and just signed for 2 more years.

Also flogging Zimmerman.
Thus, it is with pride in the Title, but sadness in my heart that the Cubs begin the rebuild. So what do we have to trade? Everyone not named Olson, Bryant, Cordero, Contreras, Happ, or Jansen could be had. But here are some highlights.
Alcides Escobar is a FT SS with some speed and stealing ability. I am also told that he is very nice to his mother, gives prodigiously to charity and is known as a good clubhouse guy... Sorta hits lefties.
Wilmer Flores is FT at 1B. Also carded at 2B and 3B. He inexplicably hit Righties better than Lefties this year to the tune of 180 chances with 4 power to that side. He is an Av/16 at 1B and a VG/1 at 3B. He is also carded but not FT at 2B. 429 MLB PAs so essentially FT
Daniel Descalso. Plays a lot of positions and had a good season. 193/5 to lefties, 158/3 versus righties. 422 MLB PAs so essentially FT and slots in as my starting 2B.
Max Stassi. 2/3 time catcher (250 MLB PAs). Hits righties pretty hard at 158/4. OK to lefties at 118/3 and serviceable behind the plate - SP/20/0.
What do we want? Youth and picks. Also depending on who you take we may need PAs or starts back but for now there are no actual holes in the lineup.
The Tigers have some player that should be moved.
Kendry Morales - 1B -188 safeties vs RH - fulltime
Jed Lowrie - 2B/3B - 161/194 safeties - fulltime
Kurt Suzuki - C - 154/152 safeties - 388 PA's
Kyle Hendricks FT starter - 93/116 safeties
Rick Porcello FT starter - 104/11 safeties
Depending on what we can get for these players, we may decide to keep them and try to win. In that case, we need:
SS who can hit, Another OF who can hit, Bullpen help,
Lucas Guilito (young pitcher, bad card this year), Trade a younger player for an older player with a better card.
Have the following players on the block....
Jesse Chavez RP
Looking for Starting Pitcher and 3rd Baseman
While we have been in some spirited trade talks only one minor trade has been made so far. Some talks are still in progress, but nothing set in stone
What I am looking for is this and they are basically in priority order:
  1. A SS for the future, especially with Marte moving out to CF
2. 1B for the future(hoping it can still be Greg Bird), his swing is too good not to have some success, plus the fact he is a LHB in Yankee Stadium.
  1. 1st round draft picks
  2. 3B for the future
Who I have to offer: ALMOST EVERYONE
Players most likely to be moved:
  1. Craig Kimbrel - top flight Closer still waiting to sign
2. Mike Minor - Excellent card would be a #1, #2 starter for some teams and a #2 or excellent #3 for a team looking for a long run. Right now my #1 or #2 starter
3. Andrew McCutchen - RF/LF now the starting LF in Philadelphia, which is a hitters haven. Solid OBP guy for this year with 163 safeties against LHP and 172 safeties against RHP with a -1 arm in RF and a minus 2 arm in LF
4. Almost anyone else.
 These players can traded alone or in any combination and also with others not mentioned. Please email me with any offers and/or ideas and we'll talk.