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 Rumor Mill
What the Braves can trade:(will discuss anyone not named Acuna or Albies)
Michael Conforto qualified in CF
Mallex Smith speedy OF(CF). he will contend for the 40/40 club, coming up 40 homers shy but perhaps with 40 extra steals
Justin Turner good bat FT
Brian Dozier FT decent vs LH won't be embarrassed vs RH.
Addison Russell 1/2 time at 2B...
Daniel Robertson 3B/SS/2B qualified.
Need a closer? I've got one that will suit your needs. One good, some bad, others in between.
Felipe Vazquez - right up there with the best closer cards. He is in jail so this might very well be his last card.
Sergio Romo - 2nd tier closer, but not incarcerated so he's got value!
Greg Holland - another step below but if you want a closer to keep the symbols
Wade Davis - if you want to gamble he rebounds...(and you think I'll again trade my protection rights to get him back)
Scott Oberg -short- good card, no doubles only a few deep!
What do the Braves need:
Mostly pitching, of the starting variety. ideally not aged but open to discuss what you have.
SS - especially if I am to try and win again this year.
DH - again, only if I am opting into a pennant race
Draft picks. oh, I do enjoy draft picks and I have so few this year.
Willing to be creative, or just blow things up... boom.
The Padres are yet again on the verge on competing, though this time with significant regression. If I get legitimate offer for Greinke, I'm probably just going to settle for a rebuild year. No one is specifically unavailable, but of course I don't expect to be trading Jeff Hoffman. I will listen to all offers. Thus, here is the rumor mill.
Main Draw
Greinke 79/91 safeties - fulltime starter - 36 years old - spec TBH (insert "To be honest" joke)
He has 34 EF/Tired? numbers against lefties and 37 against righties.
Positional Surplus
As of right now, I have 4 full time or close to full time 1Bs and 1 close to full time SS, 1 SS with enough to cover, and an obvious protection that's close to a full time SS. Voit and Tatis are, of course, my prefered options but as previously stated, no one's truly unavailable.
Miguel Cabrera 205/133 safeties - 36 years old - FT
Ji-Man Choi 144/197 safeties - 28 years old - FT
Jake Bauers 124/143 safeties - 24 years old - 423 PAs - Choke
Luke Voit 192/220 safeties - 28 years old - FT
Adalberto Mondesi 104/116 safeties - 24 years old - 443 PAs - Choke
Wild Card
A.J. Pollock 183/131 safeties - 32 years old - 342 PAs - Terror
Betts has enough games in center to be full time. This in addition to contributions from Adam Engel and Whit Merrifield make having A.J. Pollock not a necessity.
200 PAs at 3B.
Wants if competing
2 or 3 bullpen guys including a closer
#2/#3 starter
Probably would want a bat or two.
A better future at C than Victor Caratini
A better future at 3B than Travis Shaw
Pitchers generally (especially if I'm trading Greinke), though I'll listen to whatever
 The Reds limp into this season with players that either were injured or under performed. We will most likely be standing pat this season, with a few exceptions if deals can be made.
Robinson Chirinos - C: SP/18/0/5 for his defense. He has 437 MLB PAs (656 NBC PAs), so he is basically full time. 257 numbers vs LH (4 power) and 133 #s vs RH (5 power).
Aroldis Chapman - Closer: T/R rated. 98 #s vs LH (49 are walks) 308 K #s - 134 #s vs RH (73 are walks) 233 K #s. No Deep!s to either side.
Also would consider moving guys like Billy Hamilton (SP in CF), Steven Duggar (CF), Jose Peraza (2B/SS,LF qualified and almost FT), Jurickson Profar (2B), or Homer Bailey (FT SP).
Others could also be moved if the right deal comes along. I have 7 draft picks in the 1st 100 so I could move some of them.
Not really looking for picks, but doesn't mean I wouldn't take any. Would like players that might be around for a few years, as it probably will take me a few years to contend.
In order for the Sox to compete, they'll need an elite starting pitcher. If that can be acquired, then they'd like:
Otherwise, if not competing, the Sox only need 44 MLB starts. After that, prospects/picks are always appreciated.
Available (almost everyone not listed is still available for the right price):
If not competitive, the following are also available:
The Nationals season is over unfortunately but we are looking forward to next season as we think we will be even stronger on 2020. However, we do want to improve in certain areas.
What we have to offer:
3 FT outfielders which includes 2 FT CF's! My starters are set with Soto, Robles, and Harper.
1. Leury Garcia - FT at CF and SS! Switch hitter. .311 vs L & .264 vs right
2. B. Goodwin - 458 PA's - Even has the "T" rating! LSP .263 vs L & .261 vs R
3. J. Reddick - FT OF who can also play CF. LSP .309 vs L & .266 vs R
4. I can trade away some catchers - W. Castillo or C. Casali.
5. Anything else you'll have to ask.
Upgrade at 2B. Can trade FT J. Panik if you need a 2B back.
Upgrade at C. Looking for a C who can hit but needs to have at least a zero arm and avg range.
Picks! I only have my 1st and 5th this year.
The Rays welcomed the playoffs back to Tampa... and would like to make it back to back years. However to do so they need to make some key additions. If that seems difficult, they might sell off instead.
What the Rays need:
2 SP 1 great 1 decent.
1-2 setup relievers
2B (have none on the roster)
Corner OF
What the Rays have available:
TB 1,4,5 and AZ 3rd draft picks.
Willy Adames FT SS with VG range hits RH well and is 24.
Bryce Wilson SP prospect
Matt Duffy 3B-PT
Others can be available as well.
If interested, please reply to both Logan and Darrel.
The Marlins are continuing their rebuild project. We have the following desperate needs:
Close to FT Catcher
FT Outfielder
Numbers are irrelevant. Prefer youth.
What we have (I do not have cards or the guide so you will have to look those up on your own):
Josh Donaldson- FT 3B- great power numbers to both sides.
Craig Knebel- Closer decent to good #'s
Jeff Samardzja- FT SP good #'s for a #3 starter on a good team (currently my ace)
Chad Green- 69 inning good reliever- has starts as he was used as an opener
Let me know if anyone is interested, just looking to get younger. Thanks,
The Tigers are close to competing this year. Here is what we need:
1B (need about half time)
Could also take 2B instead of 1B
Relief pitching
What we can offer:
Jake Marisnick - CF - 318 PA -
Jorge Lopez - 18 MLB starts - projected to be in KC's starting rotation in 2020.
Draft picks (#10 in each round).
Other players considered if it makes the team better.
Hoping to return to some semblance of relevance, the Cubs are looking to deal.
What we need:
What we have to trade:
Chris Archer down year but still an everyday guy I Pittsburgh
Tyler Beede serviceable rookie season for this former first rounder. Flashed some brilliance and looking to open in the rotation
Andrew Cashner good card and T. Looked great in Baltimore and great in relief. It was those starts in Boston that made a great season an average one
Neil Walker FT at 3B and 1B. Essentially FT 381 MLB PAs. Good card offensively and defensively. Contenders should consider this guy.
Marwin Gonzalez . Swiss Army knife. FT in all the corners. Decent card.
A bunch of decent to great relievers.
All others except Bryant, Olson, and Contreras could be discussed.
The Red Sox have a hole in their lineup because Yolmer Sanchez went from being their 3B, to being a Gold Glove winning FT 2B. So as a result we need a FT (or close to it) 3B. We are also short an entire FT SP.
We have a surplus of 2B (Chavis, Urias, Holt, Galvis, Sanchez) Some of them are needed at other positions (1B, SS) and two of them will platoon at 2B, so that leaves Sanchez as the spare. He has VG range and good error rate, a decent OBP and if FT. He is a free agent in MLB but is only 27 and will have a long career a super glove utility man once his starting days end. I would rather not trade him, but you gotta trade someone and well the MLB Red Sox aren't going nor is my only FT SS.
I also might be willing to part with Yasmani Grandal for the right price. I have two FT C, so I can spare one. Grandal is FT (very rare) and is a C and 1B. He is a SH and hits for power with excellent OBP (he walks a lot). He just signed a 4 year deal with the White Sox. I would want a backup catcher back if possible in the deal, but it isn't and
absolute. So contenders needing a big bat..what is your offer?
After reviewing their roster before finalizing cuts, the DBacks find themselves looking at their most pressing need: fielding an outfield. With injuries to Justin Upton and Travis Janikowski, Arizona will most likely be fielding a completely brand-new OF in 2020 and will start scouting to find full-time replacements.
On the other hand, the D-Backs are looking at their most stable starting rotation in quite some time with Patrick Corbin entrenched as their # 1 starter and full-time numbers from Brett Anderson, Chris Bassitt and Eric Lauer. The bullpen is sketchy but the D-Backs will be looking for late gems as usual in the draft or through waivers.
The club is excited to have Christian Walker at 1B and Carson Kelly at C but Walker's presence at 1B means that Tyler White could be on the move for a team looking for PAs at 1B. Starlin Castro and Dansby Swanson look like to be the Opening Day double-play combo in 2020 but the Snakes will have to look for at-bats at 3B due to Jake Lamb's injury-prone and inconsistent season.
What the Mariners need:
Would love a young stud SS so that Ketel Marte can settle into his MLB position, which by the way is still not completely settled.
Need a Catcher against RHP for at least this year as Salvy Perez was hurt all year and will be on IR. Since rebuilding, not overly concerned about stats except that he can play alot.
Better SP Prospects
Better RP, but not a priority
Other areas I would like to address:
Younger stud 3B
Middle infielder
What the Mariners have to offer:
Starting pitching - Best available Mike Minor - Full time with 29 endurance, rare in today's game."T" rating with 131 TOTAL safeties against LHP and 142 TOTAL safeties against RHP.
Marco Gonzales, Danny Duffy , Dylan Bundy, Alex Wood & Garret Richards can be available also.
:Relief Pitchers: Best available Hansel Robles(Closer rating) w/ T< B & L ratings. Only 95 TOTAL safeties against LHB with ZERO WALKS & ZERO DEEP! Only 108 TOTAL safeties against RHB, with only 24 walks and 15 Deep!
Parker and Kimbrel could also be moved.
Position Players:
BEST AVAILABLE - DJ LeMahieu Full time at 2B, 1B & 3B Had a monster season finishing 4th in the AL MVP race. 262 TOTAL safeties agaisnt LHP and 185 TOTAL safeties against RHP AND "T" rating in the CLUTCH
ASK about the others.
I have the #2 pick in each of rounds 1-4 and no 5th at this point. I also have my protection pick, but will likely be keeping that.
 I am looking to rebuild and get younger!!!!