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With the rest of the AL seeming to be making big moves to step up, the Braves suddenly find themselves on the fence about plans for next season. To realistically contend the Braves need a DH, SS and SP. But, seemingly, no real great pieces to move.
So, the Braves are willing to see if they can get interesting pieces in a rebuild attempt. Here is what the Braves could deal:
CL Sergio Romo -decent card
RP Scott Oberg -good card
Some of my offense could be traded as well, but less inclined since most are younger.
Braves would want to acquire prospects/picks in any deal. Ideally SP but open to discussions.
Padres now have a roster that would make sense going into the draft, but there is still room for deals if the want is there
Positional Surplus
Miguel Cabrera 205/133 safeties - 36 years old - FT 1B
Jake Bauers 124/143 safeties - 24 years old - 423 PAs - Choke 1B/OF
Luke Voit 192/220 safeties - 28 years old - FT 1B
Adalberto Mondesi 104/116 safeties - 24 years old - 443 PAs - Choke SS
Wild Card
A.J. Pollock 183/131 safeties - 32 years old - 342 PAs - Terror CF
Needs: 14 starts
A better future at C than Victor Caratini
A better future at 3B than Travis Shaw
Maybe a 2B if the Royals decide to move Merrifield to CF.
Left handed/Switch hitting?
Pitchers generally, though I'll listen to whatever
Dallas Keuchel: SP with lots of ground balls. 19 MLB starts and signed with the White Sox
Robinson Chirinos: C with almost FT PAs. Great card vs LH and ok vs RH with power. Plays good defense.
Looking to continue the youth movement, but will consider anything that I feel makes my team better for the future.
The Nationals season is over unfortunately but we are looking forward to next season as we think we will be even stronger on 2020. However, we do want to improve in certain areas.
What we have to offer:
 J. Reddick - FT OF who can also play CF. LSP .309 vs L & .266 vs R
 I can trade away some catchers - C. Casali.
 Anything else you'll have to ask.
Upgrade at C. Looking for a C who can hit but needs to have at least a zero arm and avg range.
The Rays are pivoting to building for 1 year out.
With that said, DH Nelson Cruz is being made available.
Closer Alex Colome could be had as well, but he is less likely to be on the move.
Rays are looking for young SP, draft picks or 2B. the SP does not need to have many innings or a great card this year, but does need to have a future.
If interested, please reply to both Logan and Darrel.
The Marlins are continuing their rebuild project. We have the following desperate needs:
Close to FT Catcher
FT Outfielder
Numbers are irrelevant. Prefer youth.
What we have (I do not have cards or the guide so you will have to look those up on your own):
Jeff Samardzja- FT SP good #'s for a #3 starter on a good team (currently my ace)
Chad Green- 69 inning good reliever- has starts as he was used as an opener
Let me know if anyone is interested, just looking to get younger. Thanks,
Hoping to return to some semblance of relevance, the Cubs are looking to deal.
What we have to trade:A bunch of decent to great relievers. 3 FT SP
Andrew Cashner — good card and T. Looked great in Baltimore and great in relief. It was those starts in Boston that made a great season an average one
Marwin Gonzalez —. Swiss Army knife. FT in all the corners. Decent card.
The Mariners now just need a 1/3 - 1/2 time catcher and relief innings to field a complete team. Would like a catcher that hits RHP better and is solid defensively, but doesn't need to be an All-Star. Relief pitching will be addressed in the back half of the draft most likely. However depending on what is available a higher price could be paid.
I can move DJ LeMahieu and draft picks except 1st and 2nd round unless a top young player is involved.
What I am looking for for LeMahieu:
A top 10 pick.+
A top young player(3B, OF or SP) and a pick(depandant on player I am getting)
A middle 1st and 2nd
A young top SP and reliever or pick
Other players are available(not Trout, Marte, Newman, Verdugo or Lewis) just ask and let's see if something can be worked out.
Rangers have a few holes to fill this offseason.
Mainly we need starting pitching and picks.
We have:
OF Nomar Mazara (had a decent year but is still only 24)
Bullpen Help Available: Jared Hughes who had another good year and Yimi Garcia, who has a great card but might give up a few solos to LH power, only 6 numbers other then his deep drives and he is an R.
Let me know what you think
The A's find themselves with an abundance of OFs after their recent moves. Any team (or contender) looking to bolster their OF depth can look towards Oakland from a possible solution. The A's are looking for starting 1B PAs as well as a full-time SS and SP.
Available OFs
Now guys who might be available but harder to move...
Lourdes Gurriel JR (LF/RF)
Mark Canha (CF)
Chad Pinder (LF/RF)
I would prefer to keep these guys but they are not considered untouchable by any stretch of the imagination especially if someone is willing to send back someone for 1B/SS/SP
What the Astros need: not much for playability, just some back end of the rotation starts. Draft picks would help, but right now the Astros are going to be watching a lot of the draft.
  Spare parts available such as Curtis Granderson or Jay Bruce. If someone needs a FT CF, Wil Myers can be available.
anyone could be had if the price is right.
What the Orioles need: Catcher vs. LH, CF vs RH, DH or OF vs RH
Nick Markakis, Gerardo Parra, or Jose Martinez can be available as well. Of course, I would say anyone can be had if the price is right.
With the injury to Severino, he can be packaged with pick(s) to help acquire a starter. Looking for 12 or more quality starts, the higher the quality and the number of starts will increase the offer.
The other items shopping for are CF vs LHP and C vs RHP. Can be part of a deal for a starter or separate deal.
I have available picks 38, 67 and 78 along with all my picks next year. Domingo Santana FT RF/LF is also available.
Tyler Austin - in Japan on a one year contract to get a big salary when he comes back in 2021 - with 181 safeties vs LH and 5 power both ways.

Looking for a draft pick this year (110 or better) or next so i can pick a 2020 Nottingham i guess; contender 3rd round in 2021 or non-contender 4th in 2021 or prospect with a pulse.
KC is looking to make another playoff push this year and is looking to fill a few holes... While the management has a variety of potential trade ‘feelers’ out there right now, with the recent flurry of activity the Royals are anxious to get some deals done.
The Royals would rather not cut too deep into the lineup and would prefer to make players for picks type moves primarily... all draft picks this year and next are available. I do have some pieces that I can add into package deals, so drop me a note if you are interested in beefing up your numbers of draft picks.

I will need either a FT 3B or possibly a FT 1B in return.
Thought I had pitching to move but seems I've been blessed with a bunch of the 4-5 inning eaters that follow the closer which has been starting games recently. So the stamina ratings are not going to get me to the 5th inning in most games.
I could probably move Zimmerman and work the pen a bit harder if someone is looking for back of rotation starts. Would want a mid-round pick for him.
Oh, and on a side note Lucroy is now available - prefer a pick but would take a stop gap 3B as well....much like the stop gap catcher I am offering
With the acquisition of Greinke, the Sox are going for it in 2020. As such, they need the following (all can be cards, no future value required):
CF vs RH
1 (or 2) set-up relievers
The Sox have several parts they are open to moving, including:
Kevin Kiermaier (would need CF back) - FT CF, 167 vs LH
Eric Sogard - nearly FT 2B, 163 vs LH, 180 vs RH
Ian Kinsler - 2B, 280 PA, last card as he retired
Obviously not all 3 could be moved, and none need to be, but they are available for good cards in other areas. All draft picks are also available. Most players not mentioned could be moved in the right deal.
Not too much content and seems we like to have our key position players go to Japan.
Adam Jones is following Christian Villanueva there so Adam is on the block.
1) We are looking for draft pick ideas worthy of a full time Arizona Dbacks RF in his age 34 year.
Also will consider upgrades as we currently are picking 14,44, 49, 74,134 if needed to balance out offers...... other minor items are some SS at bats vs RH &/or C at bats vs LH.
SF is still in rebuild mode... so the following players are on the block for contending teams...
Josh Tomlin 79.1 innings Ex hold Jam Tough Relief Rating VG
vs Lhp 250 ba 264 opb 468 spc - vs rhp 279 ba 294 obp 459 spc
Jesse Chavez 78 innings VG Hold Jam Tough Relief Rating Vg
vs lhp 248 ba 303 obp 395 spc - vs rhp 281 ba 340 obp 511 spc
Brandon Crawford VG SS - Juan Largas -3 arm in CF - Buster Posey -Jake Odorizzi 30 Starts Solid Numbers
Looking for Draft picks 3b 2b OF ( young players)
What we are looking for:
Our starting pitching is abysmal. But what we need is an outfielder who can platoon against lhp. A few have been named by other owners, but they seem too pricey because they hit the ball well. I would like quality, but I am really just looking for someone who can start.
What do the Rockies have available:
SP: several extra starters, if you want starts the Rockies have them.
RP: Some decent relievers exist, especially LHP. Aaron Bummer (66 safeties vs LH 129 vs RH) Jarlin Garcia (133/88) highlight the group. From the RH side Yoan Lopez and Nick Wittgren.
3B: Todd Frazier FT
Utility: Ehire Adrianza (3B,SS,1B) 200+ MLB PAs
OF/IF: Chris Taylor
Others could maybe be available, but again not looking for a major shakeup.
What do the Rockies need:
The Rockies can field a team so they don't have any specific needs. Like most teams, could use more pitching and draft picks.

Phillies unsure what the market is for average FT 3B, but we are putting 3B Colin Moran on the block. He is a rare left handed hitting 3B, which was quite a bonus when balancing my line up last yr and taking advantage of SP splits. He is LOOGY proof from an batting average perspective as hit .273 vs LH and .278 vs RH. Has about 140 safeties to each side, and some pop vs RH. Has over 500 MLB PA’s in 2019 and is 26 yrs old. Not going to win an MVP, but is solid. Looking for a late 1st or potentially early 2nd (though that may wait till the draft to see who is there at the spot).
Trade targets
Phillies are seeing if anybody wants to take a flyer on AJ Minter for a top 100 pick. He’s 26, lefthanded, and this time last yr was the probable closer for Atlanta. “Minter, 26, was considered a potential closing option to begin the year after a strong 2018 season, but he was awful in 2019 with a 7.06 ERA and 2.01 WHIp in 36 games. The stuff is still there, but the command will have to be significantly better.” They must a different strike zone in the minors as he had a 30K/3 BB in 22 innings in AAA.
OF Ryan Braun can be made available as well. 182 safeties vs LH (39HR, 51 2B) and 161 safeties vs RH. Need OF PA’s in return with a bit of future, and a top pick.