NBC-Dynasty League

 Rumor Mill
Now that the ratings guide has been released, we can finalize our 2021 Rumor Mill.
Zach Britton: Closer rated reverse LH. Great numbers and symbols.
Alec Mills: great numbers for a large park, has some Deep Drives but overall numbers are good.
Masahiro Tanaka: good numbers could be a 2 or 3 man depending on how deep the rotation is... doesn't need to be traded but will listen to any reasonable offer... on that same note, Kyle Hendricks too but he is more expensive
Nomar Mazara: Good OF defense. LH that hits LH and is FT.
Robinson Cano: good card (out for full 2021 season due to positive test) can definitely help a playoff team now
Rangers Protection: Sam Huff (unless I get persuaded to trade the selection)
We also have all our picks. Please feel free to send me an inquiry if you are looking to contend and like your options.
Rangers need Full-time at SS and possibly CF for 2021 season.
Despite the playoffs moving forward, I wanted to shoot out a quick trade rumor post. The Jays have some players to move that contending teams may be interested in (or teams looking for full-timers to fill holes).
We have not really formulated a plan moving forward. We are not competing next year I think but we would like to improve on our woeful run of seasons.
At catcher, we have Martin Maldonado available with 165 PA's. His batting average is weak but he has very credible on-base and power for a catcher. He also has a -1 arm. His card is very interesting.
At 1st base, we have Mitch Moreland available. He has 152 PA's. He is strong against rhp and he is even respectable against lhp (he has 27 PA's v lefties which I think will be enough).
At shortstop, we have Didi Gregorius. He is an interesting lhb at ss. He has power and the coveted T symbol. He is quite weak v lhp but his power could carry him there at short.
The Jays could use stability in the rotation. We could also use a more legitimate center fielder although we seem to have that covered this year. Bullpen would probably help. We could use PA's at 3b and ss but I am not too worried about that.
The players above are older (but Gregorius is only 30) but they have stuff left in the tank it seems. Any of them could help solidify a line-up. If any of this seems interesting, let me know.
The Reds might actually be a playoff contender in 2021. I'm looking for a good impact bat at 3rd base, Centerfield, and or 2nd base. I currently have the #14 pick and will move it. I could also trade for old players at those positions that might have a good card. I will have a 3rd baseman to trade if needed. I will have a FT pitcher available in Dobnak.
Another thing that I could do is trade Luzardo in a trade as long as I get a new SP some how that is playoff contender worthy.
Anyway, please let me know if you might have a player that would interest me.
Again I'm looking for
CF vs RH
SP upgrade
After 6 straight trips to the post season, the Braves missed out this past season. They are hoping it is a 1 year absence, tho depending how the off season trade talks shape up, the team could go multiple ways. Initial focus will be on a return to the playoffs.
What do the Braves need:
SS. This is a huge hole.
C vs RH
SP-2/3 guy, or better.
What do the Braves have:
Extra 3B/2B.
Ty France: can start at 3B/2B/1B excellent vs RHP
Justin Turner: 3B, good offense
-can only trade 1 of the above, unless not contending then all bets are off.
2 1st round draft picks.
Willing to be more creative...within reason.
Having just missed out on a playoff spot last season, the Rockies are hoping to make it this year. That might be tough, but someone has to win it, don't they?
OF, ideally a good defensive CF
SP-if pushing for a playoff spot.
SP--for those not looking for high quality... or quality...
Possibly someone in the infield...
Chris Taylor FT-CF,LF,SS,2B actually quite valuable and thus not so likely to be traded
Mike Brosseau 3B/2B/1B probably only half-time, but very powerful card
Ehire Adrianza... can fill out 3B/2B/SS with average OBP
Most likely the Rockies will pursue minor upgrades and see where the season goes... all players are technically available tho.
The Padres are likely looking at competing this year. We do have enough PAs to field a team, though there are certainly opportunities for improvement. We are currently very offense heavy, so pitching
What could be traded away
SS Adalberto Mondesi: Which Mondesi will we get in 2021? The one that slashed .179/.209/.231 from the start of the season until September 3rd, or the one that slashed .376/.424/.706 after September 3rd? He's also young at 25.
2B Shed Long: Pick #18 last year, though he struggled in 2020. Possibly was related to injury?
2B/OF/Immortal probably Whit Merrifield: Has not missed a game since 2018. Solid player if being almost 32 isn't a problem
Padres Protection (read 2B Jake Cronenworth): Fairly self explanatory. Cronenworth was a NL ROY finalist in IRL baseball.
SP Chase Anderson: Back end of the rotation candidate, who had a particularly bad year in 2020.
We will need one of the 2B mentioned, preferably Merrifield or Cronenworth if competing.
A starting pitcher, preferably an ace.
Bullpen, including a closer.
Could improve at 3B, C
The Red Sox can field a team without at trade, but it would be a very
interesting team, so perhaps some adjustments are in order.
We have two FULL TIME Catchers again. So as before Yasmani Grandal can
be had. He is a SP/16/-3/3 With 272/161 safe and 5/4 power.
We also have a mediocre Full time Outfielder we can spare. Adam Eaton
MD/16/+1 with 50/134..but we repeat he is FULL TIME!
What are we looking for..believe it or not, middle infielders. Yes we
have 5 Second Basemen it seems but Holt isn't card there, Galvis is our
only full time shortstop and well he is Freddy.., Urias is MUCH better
at third, Walker had 41 MLB PAs and that leaves us with Michael Chavis
and well that just isn't good (80/71 safe). We could also talk
outfielder as all put two of ours are old..