Rumor Mill

Kyle Hendricks is still on the trade block if someone needs great numbers this year. He has also started to pitch better for the 2022 cards also so no longer needs to be traded.

Jake Marisnick- FT to LH and hits 375 vs them with good pop. He also has average defense in CF so he isn't going to hurt you in the field either. He is a good platoon OF to crush LHs.

If you are looking for one of these items let me know. No trades have been confirmed as of yet...
The Cubs need a bat. Looking for a veteran or one year wonder type for 2021. Hitting righties at 180+ safeties is the floor. Balanced enough to hit lefties a plus but not required. Also needs to be FT at 3B, 2B, SS, or OF. Looking to trade surplus prospects or picks (Don’t want to create a hole to fill a hole). If you have a spare bat with limited (or even no) future that you would like to cash in, please let me know!
Phillip Evans has all his PAs left this year and is playing in the MLB but hitting about half of what he did in 2020. He is carded at 3B but will remind you of the WS Bill Buckner over and over again should you actually play him there.
I need a SS now that Arcia has found a new home in Atlanta's farm system so this is my priority. Naturally if it's a starting SS or one with potential then we can talk about adders. Failing that a pick(s) would be the next order of business. I should be fine elsewhere for next season.
After that I don't have a whole lot to offer, although I could part with Olivares if someone needs a RH hitting OF with VG defense. He has currently used up about a 3rd of his PA's but still leaves you with about 250 for the stretch run. I don't need players in return as I have lots of crappy PAs sitting on my bench. I would want a second for him.
Kansas City is looking to solidify a couple of areas to try and make a push for the division and a playoff run. Looking for Bullpen help, specifically a setup type guy that is strong versus RHB’ers, and I may possibly have interest in adding another bat... specifically a player that hits RHP well with 170ish + safeties and some pop. Have some pieces I can move, but I am also willing to consider a rental for picks...
(Almost) everything must go… Looking for draft picks upgrades and/or prospects. Listed based on order of probable exit..
LF/DH Ryan Braun, .233 vs L & R, but has 23 HR vs LH and almost 40 walks, and 47 !! HR vs RH, plus 27 doubles. He is a 4/5 power and a terror. He is AV in the field, but arm is a +3.
CHEAPIES = need relief innings in return and a pick of any sorts.. but if you are good, you probably have guys better than this, but they may have their uses…

RP Paredes… a reverse RH, has .143 avg vs LH with 155 double plays, no doubles or deep drives, is a terror and an “L” that is tough to run on. RH hit .353 vs him. He is 25yr old..
LP Hearn.. a reverse LH, has .175 avg vs RH and .261 vs LH, but has 130 DD vs LH, which may not be that bad depending upon your ballpark.

LP Gregory Soto, has .095 avg vs LH, and .226 vs RH. Has T,R,F. Need relief innings in return, still getting save chances in Detroit so he does have a long term home in Philly as LH relievers are tough to find.
CF Adam Haseley, a left handed CF with a .261 avg vs RH and -2 arm, knows how to get on base. Need some CF PA’s in return. At 24, I don’t think he’s finished and will be protected for 1-2 yrs, so not a give away
OTHER POSSIBILITIES, though unlikely. But hey, make a ridiculous offer and you never know…

C Travis D’Arnaud, a .344 avg v RH, with PW 5 and a terror. 40+ HR vs RH. (This guy would be expensive as still hoping he is my catcher going forward, so would need a catcher solution in return)
OF Alex Dickerson, a left handed bat with .300 avg vs RH, a 5 power and a terror. He aint there for his defense. But power and OBP he is a monster. Going forward he is my LH OF so would need some sort of OF going forward.

OF Marcel Ozuna, .333 vs R, .356 vs L, 5 power, Terror, 100+ HR vs LH, 30+ vs RH, with 75+ walk numbers vs either side. He is the position player of the franchise and only 30, but if I can capitalize on a monster MVP type season, I could listen. This move would hurt you long term a lot more than me. Can’t see it working out as my OF going ahead isn’t strong and that is with this guy, so have to give some promise without him.
Just as the real Jays have generated a good deal of excitement for a 4th place team, I am not sure my Jays are going anywhere in this TPB season.
My inclination is to stand pat since I do not want to play out the season with a terrible bullpen. Nevertheless, if someone wants to make an offer, on these players, I will listen
Grant Dayton LHP: In TPB, he is 7-1 with a 2.87 ERA. 66 safeties to LHB, 125 to RHB with 67 Deep but also the very useful R symbol. He is hurt in real baseball.