Rumor Mill

Trade Freeze until end of World Series or January 1st. Whichever comes first.
The Braves wrap up a successful 2022 campaign as AL Central Champions, True North Title winners, and played a tough Toronto Blue Jays squad to 6 games in the ALDS.
Moving forward, the Braves have a solid team returning next season, and can count on Dylan Cease and Shane McClanahan to anchor the rotation. Eric Lauer should help out as well. Plenty of offense exists in Buxton, protection Michael Harris, Freddy Freeman, Ronald Acuna and partially from others.
The big need would be 3B, SS and RP. With that, the Braves could compete with the White Sox... assuming the Sox don't win the draft lottery... oh, wait...
However, with expanded playoffs, the Braves could very well be right back in the thick of things... The issue is, not many parts to trade off...
The Braves do find themselves with 3 CF who can play a fair amount. One of these can go:
Byron Buxton
Nick Gordon
Michael Harris
Additionally, willing to discuss anyone else not named Acuna or McClanahan...
long term solutions at 3B or SS are ideal... especially if discussing Buxton/Harris.
The White Sox intend to compete, so are looking for pieces that can help us out this year.
The Dodger's are in rebuilding mode, and we need almost anything. We have a 3B. We have a workable platoon at C and 1B (thanks to an already agreed upon trade). We need pretty much something at every other position. We need more in the OF, middle IF, starts, you name it , as to a greater or lesser extent we are deficient everywhere. What do we have to trade? Not much.
Anthony Bass RP 70.1 IP T, R, L, F 115/41 vs LH, 80/0 vs RH
also potentially available and useful
Donovan Solano 304 PA can start at 1B and 3B (AV/20, AV/19) and carded at 2B. 157 safe vs LH, 144 safe vs RH..but he is the majority of my 1B platoon so I would a 1B of some kind back.
That's all we got folks. Dodger's will be willing to trade a Low PA/IP middling prospect (we have lot of them) for some guy you are going to cut that has PAs or IPs we can use to field a team. Think kindly of your friends in Los Angeles.
The Rays early rumor mill in hopes of letting teams know what we need and what we have to trade. We will do a deeper dive into the roster, but with MLB Winter Meetings on going, I thought it would be fun to play along.
Needs _
Full Time Centerfielder
Full Time 3rd baseman
part time catcher
possible future 1st baseman
Extra 2nd baseman. We can trade one of these 2 guys.
2B - Adam Frazier (can also play corner OF) - FT pretty good vs RH ok vs LH
2B - Thairo Estrada (plays SS also) -FT - younger with a T and better card
Corner OF - can trade one of these guys. All 3 are just under FT
Max Kepler, Victor Reyes, or Connor Joe (SP defense and can play 1B)
DH/Pinch Hitter with great card
Matt Carpenter has an over 200 point card to both sides with 5 power to both. Around 150 PA's so you get 225 great at bats.
Starting Pitcher
We have 5 SP and can move one depending on the return.
Joe Ryan, Cal Quantrill, Jon Gray, Bryse Wilson, and Blake Snell
Wilson has 20 starts but the others are FT
Our 1st rounder #3 is available. I do have a player in mind for the pick so I don't have to trade it. Also, our protection is available.
If interested in anything please reach out. We aren't looking to gut the team but will deal a few to help balance out the roster. I'll take any type of player if it helps field a team and doesn't hurt our future.
Wilson has 20 starts but the others are FT
the Reds early rumor mill in hopes of letting teams know what we need and what we have to trade. We will do a deeper dive into the roster, but with MLB Winter Meetings on going, I thought it would be fun to play along.
Shortstop (will work with part timers if need be)
High draft picks
3B - Eduardo Escobar (would trade him for a comparable player at a need or a pick that could bring so called player) FT with average card.
Closer - Ryan Helsley is available and has a ridiculous card. We will only consider trading him for a top half 1st rounder or a player the fits our need (Offense!!). He is 28, so it won't bother me to keep him.
RP - Yimi Garcia has a very good card and can set up nicely for a team
Draft Picks
#1 is available but I do have a pretty good idea on who I'll take there. Will move it if someone really loves a player and wants to give me a smoking deal :)
More players could become available once I get a better assessment of my team.
The A's priority this offseason is to bolster our rotation. We have some possible trade opporunities in the OF (Laureano, Isbel, maybe even Pavin Smith if you expect a bounceback year) and 3B (Ramon Urias and Evan Longoria) although Longoria might be easier to move.
The A's are also mulling over their protection and it might make C Sean Murphy available to the trade market especially if it results in a good deal involving a solid SP coming back to Oakland.
As always, we will listen to all offers.