Rumor Mill

The Braves have been uncharacteristically inactive on the trade front so far in the off season. However, that would be nice to change... at least on the trade talks side.
What do the Braves have available?
Could trade CF/SS/Utility man Nick Gordon.
Willing to listen on other bigger names:
Freddie Freeman
Byron Buxton
Dylan Cease
Eric Lauer
others? maybe the only ones I am not looking to trade are Acuna/McClanahan.
What do the Braves want?
Draft picks
Jose Miranda
longer term 3B/SS
The White Sox intend to compete, so are looking for pieces that can help us out this year.
The Dodger's are in rebuilding mode, and we need almost anything. We have a 3B. We have a workable platoon at C and 1B (thanks to an already agreed upon trade). We need pretty much something at every other position. We need more in the OF, middle IF, starts, you name it , as to a greater or lesser extent we are deficient everywhere. What do we have to trade? Not much.
Donovan Solano 304 PA can start at 1B and 3B (AV/20, AV/19) and carded at 2B. 157 safe vs LH, 144 safe vs RH..but he is the majority of my 1B platoon so I would a 1B of some kind back.
That's all we got folks. Dodger's will be willing to trade a Low PA/IP middling prospect (we have lot of them) for some guy you are going to cut that has PAs or IPs we can use to field a team. Think kindly of your friends in Los Angeles.
The Rays are looking to move
Connor Joe. Corner outfielder/1st baseman. He is a very nice player that plays great defense. SP/20/0 in the corners and VG/9 at 1st. He offense is ok with 145#s to LH and 136#s to RH. 2 power on both sides.
Victor Reyes - corner outfield is also available. He is a VG/15/+1 in RF. His offense is below average with 118/124 split but he is a T.
Rays needs
Centerfielder - though it could be addressed in the draft, so not urgent.
Any player at any position will be considered as I'm just trying to reshape the team some.
Draft picks are nice, especially 1st or 2nd round.
After looking at my team and talking trade with a few (nothing completed), the Reds are updating our rumor mill.
Yimi Garcia - RP 61 innings so unlimited in playoffs. 110#s vs LH and 84# vs RH. Good set up guy or middle.
The Reds lack offense and are looking for a top level guy or 2.
Shortstop - any type will be considered as I need around 250 PAs
1st base (young)
High picks
Nationals should be a lot better next year but we have a few holes to fill.
First, whats available....
I only have two picks next year, #2 and #5, so those most likely wont get traded unless it is a pick swap in a deal.
I have 2 extra starters for next year. I could part with 1 of these 2 starters: Paulo Espino (19 starts), and Zach Thompson (22 starts).
Anyone else on the roster could be available but it would need to make sense for me.
What the Nats need:
A catcher with a lot of PA's who is preferably young. We could go with an older one though if I have to.
Any full-time player at any position as I will need to fill some DH PA's.
A good closer.
I am pretty well set except some bit parts I should be able to get in the draft. I do have as couple spare parts I will likely have to cut if I can't move them, so I will part with them dirt cheap if they are of interest to you.
Yohan Ramirez, RP
Juan Lagares, RF
 5th round pick will get either or both of them
The Mariners are still looking for a SS that we can use as a building block for the infield future. At minimum I need a SS that can hit RHP's.
We are also looking for young SP's with a future.
I am always looking for high draft picks to continue the retooling of the roster.
I am willing to trade one of my Catchers, either Sal Perez or Will Smith. To move 1 of them, it will have to have a YOUNG STUD SS as the key returning piece or a couple of pieces or high draft picks, willing to discuss any and all offers.
Trey Mancini could be traded. He is a solid hitter with nice Defense at 1B & LF
I have 6(5 full time) starters so I am willing to move 1 or both of Alex Wood(full time) and Dylan Bundy(full time). Both 4th - 5th starter types for this season with better seasons in the past. Both of them have "0" walks against LHB's. Wood with 12 walks against RHB's and Bundy only 14 walk #'s against RHB's.
Dakota Hudson or Marco Gonzales, both full time, could be the starter that gets traded. I would be looking for a little more for one of those 2.
Craig Kimbrel, Closer with a "T & L" ratings. Not his best season, but card is still solid and especially against RHB's.
Pretty much everyone but Trout, J-Rod(protection pick), Chisholm, Strider, Detmers, Clase & Williams could be traded.
  Looking forward to receiving offers/discussions to see if some trades can be made
The KC Royals are looking at next season in different two minds…
First, there are immediate needs. The Royals require a CF’er as last years incumbent did not get the required 15 games in position. The Royals would also be interested in a Catcher (as we are short PA’s) and may also be interested in a young First basemen. These are the immediate needs… and as we mortgaged our future the last few seasons, draft picks are welcome.
Second, while the Monarchs should be pretty competitive and better than last year if a starting CF’er is found, Club management is also possibly considering starting a complete overhaul… In this instance a stud CF, younger quality starting pitching and additional young Outfield / First base support would be desired (top draft choices as well).
In the first case, the Royals have a few parts they could offer up. Nicky Lopez (Full time and effective at 2B, 3B, and SS) would be a possible moveable player and Second baseman,Kolton Wong (solid offensively vs. RHP, but with a very uncharacteristic defensive card) could also be moved. outfielder Tommy Pham (pretty good offensive card) could also be swapped for a similar type player, eligible at CF.
In the second case, the Royals could consider some bigger blockbuster type moves… Maybe Darvish or Bogearts or Hendricks or Benintendi in a multiple player package deal. This scenario would require a multiple player/pick return that brought back quality young players that would solve future needs. Any potential move(s) in this scenario would only be considered with an “impossible to pass up” deal. Would be willing to listen, but we will be looking to shore up the first case, immediate priorities, first.
Always enjoying considering options… If you have any thoughts, drop me a note.

The Rockies head into next season with basically all positions covered. That said, as this team is likely not a contender, upgrades at all positions would be welcomed and really no one is untouchable. The Rocks have some solid starters and multiple utility guys in both the infield and outfield that could be moved.
Take a look at the roster and if something catches your eye, drop me a note.
So the Marlins are doing beter at fielding a team for next year than expected (not sure how good it will be though). We have some parts that can be traded without getting anything back, but almost everyone over 27 years old is available. Here are the specifics (although I do not know defensive ratings).
What we have that we will not need anything playable back-
Santiago Espinal- FT 2B but can play 3B and SS. Good vs LHP
Available but need replacement PA's-
Jacob Stalliings- Catcher 384 MLB PA's (need PT back)
Giancarlo Stanton- 454 MLB PA's OF, great power
Available but need replacement Starts-
Martin Perez- FT pitcher with good #'s
*** Framber Valdez- FT Pitcher with GREAT #'s, would be expensive
What do we need? FT 1B!!!!!! Also young talent.
The Cubs have A LOT of position players that they can move.
We have 3 FT SS – Adames (SP, 119/3 v. L; 133/5 v. R, 7 St.), Kim (VG, 214/2 v. L; 139/3 v. R also FT at 3B, 9 St.), and Hoerner (AV, 143/2 v. L; 137/3 v. R, 9 St.). Any ONE of these can be moved. Full disclosure, Hoerner is likely to be a 2B next year and Kim is, too (although I expect him to get his 15 games at SS).
We have spare FT corner OF Suzuki (AV, 168/4 v. L; 147/3 v. R, 6 St.) (Technically Suzuki only has 446 MLB PAs, but that’s 669 NBC PAs, which really is likely FT)
Patrick Wisdom – FT at 1B (FR) and 3B (AV) and carded in the corners (AV) -- 148/5 v. L and 106/4 v. R
Tommy LaStella – 180 mediocre MLB plate appearances in the IF corners and 2B. Cut loose by the Giants recently. Very likely to stick as a lefthanded bench bat somewhere.
We can move some part of this collection of guys for the following:
Equivalent lefthanded bats (could be FT anywhere to DH, but would prefer at 2B, 3B, or SS)
Bullpen help
1st or 2nd Rd. Picks
Backup Catcher
The Tigers have
Avisail Garcia (OF) - safeties - 105 vs LH, 88 vs RH - 380 PA
The others could be had as part of bigger deal - but not really interested in moving them.
DH available - Miguel Cabrera - safeties - 207 vs LH, 110 vs RH - 433 PA
Two Closers are available, but neither does great otherwise:
Will Smith - safeties - 100 vs LH, 160 vs RH - 59 Inn
Tanner Scott - safeties - 221 vs LH, 182 vs RH - 62 Inn
We need more starting pitchers - (at least 2 FT)
Upgrades in the bullpen
One infielder (wither 1B, 2B, or 3B).
Upgrades at other postions.
Draft picks can also be traded.
Depending on what trades happen, it will change if we are trying to win or not (need quite a few upgrades to have a chance)
Rangers have these items to trade:
Rangers have traded Collin McHugh but still have quality arms in the pen for the right price. Our quality carded relievers are Seranthony Dominguez, Adam Ottavino, Edwin Diaz, Andrew Chafin and Phil Bickford.
Rangers Needs:
We don't have any glaring holes. We need a few PAs at various positions but would like to get a good 2nd Baseman &/or Outfielder for the future. Picks are welcome and looking to add a catcher who has a backup job.
Current Picks:
Rangers have their 2nd, 3 3rds and a 4th.
Let's chat and see if we can make a deal. As this is one of my favorite times of year (deal season) I welcome all trade talk.
What the Astros need: a full time DH or another full time position player to allow someone to move to DH. An upgrade at 2B. Bullpen innings.
What the Astros have: Hou #1, #2, #4, #5, all 2024 picks. 1B/OF Wil Myers (currently planning on platooning @ IB with Cron), a plethora of older backup catchers (Castro, Pina, Leon, Gallagher). Leon is somewhat usable and is currently #3 behind Raleigh and Hedges.
What the Orioles need: not really much for playability. An FT OF or a 2B that would allow Garcia to move to the OF, a #4 starter, a utility backup IF, and bullpen innings.
What the Orioles have: Bal #1, #2, #5, Oak #4, Tex #4, all Bal 2024 picks.
Backup 3B Mikael Franco is available for someone that needs 3B AB’s (388 MLB PA’s 2022) if it can help solve another issue. Backup 1B Michael Chavis is available for someone that needs 1B AB’s (426 MLB PA’s 2022) if it can help solve another issue.

With the playoff Rotation in place with the addition of Darvish we are still looking for a few items.
I can currently field a complete team and am willing to go with what I have and maybe make a trade deadline deal or two. But would like to aquire the following if possible:
Outfielder vs LHP, if they can hit RHP a little that would increase interest. FT not required but would need 200 PA's+
The opposite could also work, with the requirements switched but would need to qualify to play vs LHP and be decent vs them. Same 200 PA's+
Catcher who is avg to decent to both sides with 0 or better arm and around 250+ PA's. Carrying 3 catchers to cover postion is kind of annoying.
Need 1 more good relief pitcher, needs to be solid vs both sides, lots of symbols is bonus
Have already checked on listed ss, but if there is one available let me know.
What I have to offer is mainly next years picks, I have all of them still available.
I could move Peraza but only for a ss who is FT or very close and solid to both sides. I could include Willi Castro to help balance the PA's
Other swaps could also be discussed, there are very few untouchables on the team outside of the Big 3 Pitchers, Judge and Lowe.
That still leave the Crew at 27 with 8 picks. Clearly my strength is my pen with Munoz, Minter, Jimenez, and Vesia all sporting WHIP's of close to or under 1.00. Munoz is not moving but any of the other 3 can. Also have Velazquez who had a good year, for him anyways, and can be moved but I'll need a starter in return (not necessarily straight up). Not looking to move any of these guys but can include them in any deal for starting position players.
Looking for outfield, outfield, and...let's see, outfield. I believe I can cobble together all my outfielders and get a full-timer. Not that well off at any of the other positions not designated catcher either.
Phillies have some extra CF PA’s available to move for a mid round pick.
30yr old CF Odubel Herrera had 197 MLB PA’s, AV range, Speed 6, steal 6, jump 2. .221 avg vs RH & .300 avg vs LH. With the state of the Philly roster, Herrera can easily be included in the 27 man roster.
1B Colin Moran who just signed a minor league deal has 128 MLB PA’s available for a 5th round pick swap.
we are 3 over the cut limit still needed some 2B/SS help 1/2 time or better, or we fill this in the March draft.
our surplus is at catcher in Kyle Higashioka (248 PAs), Luis Torrens (166 PA's), and Ben Rortvedt (25 in the NYY minors where his VG defence is being honed for a promotion, or we hope, after an injury last year)
also available is Lefty Long Reliever - Caleb Smith, Az who is pretty decent - 70 IPs and 120 (59) vs LH 122 (30) vs RH and is THF. In a big park his 185 DDs vs RH turn his card into pretty darned good.
Mike Mayers RRP - who slid back a little yet still gets a decent card for his 50IPs at 118 (44) vs LH and 118 (91) vs RH splits with 87 DDs vs LH and 58 DDs vs RHs as blemishes.
OF at bats available are Eddie Rosario - drafted way back and the only team he knows with his 270 PAs, (only 33 vs LH).
Sam Hilliard with 200 PAs (only 31 vs LH), SP def in left field, though with 129 safeties vs RH , in MLB Atlanta now to try and revive himself.
We need in order; 1/2+ 2B/SS, draft picks, &/or better RP
we are 1 over the cut limit but would like to get below it in fact by one or two as we have 7 picks
we have minor surplus is at catcher in Matt Thaiss C14g, 1B11g (81 PAs), -1 arm, Austin Allen -2 arm but only 8 PAs- so happy to get him (over Arozarena as it turned out, see how that worked out) but so far he only rips up AAA pitchers and is in the MLB Marlin system now for a new lease on life.
Jorge Mateo at 27 is a FT SS who runs, plays great defense but with not so great hit numbers or Elvis Andrus at 33 is a lot better, great defence but hits. Not needing to move them but would like something nice back if they move.
Jose Miranda is available for negotiation with Atlanta and if no deal will bide his time improving into the all star he will become
We need good RP, upgrades at SP, upgrade picks or good draft picks
After playing this weekend's Cactus Classic (Thank you Scott for hosting), the DBacks are apparently delusional....I mean, looking to make a move for their first playoff appearance since 2010. We are looking to add to their 1-2 rotation punch in Zac Gallen and Kyle Wright with the possible acquisition of a full-time frontline impact starter OR a full-time impact OF that can play CF or RF.
We would also be interested in a lesser impact SP/OF in a package deal that would also help bolster our bullpen with a T-rated RP or closer OR give us better defensive depth at C and/or 3B that hits LH.
But our priority now is looking for that impact SP or OF.
Sounds crazy but yes, we think we're ready to start contending for a playoff spot in 2023 and beyond or we're probably just needing a pet named Spot...