NBC-Dynasty League

Class of 2006
 Hall of Fame
Barry Larkin
Cincinnati Reds
Nominated by Scott Eggen
   In 1989 the NBC League started its 1st season, and so did a young shortstop on the Cincinnati Reds. Barry Larkin played 17 seasons in the league, and all for the Reds. He was the Reds. There was never any doubt that he would retire in Cincinnati. Barry was an 11 time All Star (MVP in 1990 All Star Game) and received 3 Silver Slugger Awards (the award started in 1999). His career stats are mind boggling: 516 doubles, 206 home runs, 424 stolen bases, and a career batting average of .307. Larkin hit 45 homers in 1997, while driving in 148 runs (both career highs). He anchored a 1999 team that won the World Series.
     Barry Larkin was the kind of player that every owner loves having. He was dependable in all aspects of the game and was rarely injured. Today someone else stands at shortstop for the Reds, but he can never be replaced.
NBC-Dynasty Mascot
Nominated by Jim Williams
 On this Christmas Day (2006), I would like to take time to remember and nominate for the NBC Hall of Fame Scott's faithful guardian, Baloo. For those of us who have attended the draft in Phoenix at Scott's, or enjoyed the hospitality of the Eggen family, Baloo will always be remembered as a draft weekend fixture. For those who don't know, Baloo is Scott's dog, but not just any dog.
          Baloo bit Frank Schneider on the ass for taking 11 catchers in the same draft (OK I made that up), peed on Sean for taking too long to make a pick (OK I made that one up too), and growled at Ed for always taking the guy Jim wanted right in front of him (yep- made that one up too.) My best memory of Baloo is from Scott and Monica's wedding, where Baloo served as ring bearer (I did not make that one up). Baloo was a real friendly guy who knew when to keep Ryan Covey or Bill Nyman in line, always acting in the best interests of the league (as long as he got attention).
          Those of us at the last draft in Phoenix were touched when Greg Jones (Rockies owner) made Baloo the ceremonial first pick in the draft, although I think that Baloo could have started for the Rockies. Baloo was, and always will be, part of the fun atmosphere of draft weekend in Phoenix, as well as at the Eggen household.