Rumor Mill

The Rays have traded there way into a great set of draft picks. We would consider moving picks for a proven players. Maybe a pick upgrade also.
Picks: #6, #10, #16, #29, #38, #46, #68, #76, and #136
The Reds are pretty set. We need a bat at 1B vs lefties. If you have someone then reach out. We also have picks #36. #39 and #86 that could be used to add a good releiver.
What do the Nats need:
Another 1-2 type starter
A better RF than having to use O'Hearn
relief pitching
backup catcher
Upgrade at 2B
What the Nats have:
*All of our picks (25, 55, 85,115,145)
*Ryan O'Hearn (can start at 1B or OF) - looking to trade him in for a better defensive OF. VG/17 at 1st. Can start vs righties FT.
Rangers have top Bullpen arms available for picks or pick upgrades.
Brusdar Graterol
Gregory Soto
Almost FT young 2nd Baseman available
Michael Massey 464 MLB PAs (25 yrs old)
Part Time LH banger Josh Donaldson
52 PAs vs LH with almost 100 HR numbers. Translates to maybe 18 starts vs LHs. He also has really good defense at 3rd and could really help a contender, for a pick or an upgrade this year or next.
We are still looking for a SS. I have the short side of a platoon for both SS & 2B. I can move Newman to 2B against RH's if necessary so the SS is definitely preferable. I am willing to trade Mancini for a SS of equal value, preferably for the strong side of a platoon(strong defense and league average bat would be ok) or a draft pick. I can also trade Closer Craig Kimbrel if it will get a better player at SS or 2B whether it's alone or in a package. I would also trade him a 1st round pick, preferably between 16 & 25 or 2 - 2nd round picks one in the 30-40 range and 1 in the 41-50 range. These options can be discussed as they would be just starting points. I am still willing to move Jazz Chisholm either alone or in a package. Would need a young star SS, a young solid SS and a young starter or multiple draft picks, 1 needing to be a top 8 pick. Again starting points for discussion.
  I also have picks 24, 26, 84, 124 & 144 this year and all of next years to use to help get better players at those positions.
If any of these players, picks or combinations work PLEASE MESSAGE ME and hopefully we can work out a deal.
The Padres seem poised to make a run in 2024 but we have some needs to help solidify that run...
Padres are looking for a full-time SP. Our rotation is anchored by Justin Steele for next year but after that, it gets a little shaky. We could also use some upgrades and depth in our bullpen. We can probably fill these needs in the draft as the Padres have 5 picks including the # 12 overall.
The Padres will also be looking for bench depth, especially at SS
 Will listen to all reasonable offers but some guys are close to untouchable (Cole, Glasnow, Hayes for example). Have an extra 2B and backup C to offer. And Carrasco as a body at SP if you're really hurting for starts. Take a look and see what you like.
FT OF De La Cruz or near FT OF Jesus Sanchez are available for SP help
OF Will Calhoun 220 NBC PA’s of .256 avg and 4 power vs RH as a left handed bat AV range in RF with -1 arm (huh?) are available for a late round pick or SP filler. He is signed a minor league with the LAA, which is fitting since they are a minor league club now

 Things I need: I can almost field an complete team (I am short about 125PA's at 1st). I am just looking to get younger and better.
Things I have:
Framber Valdez- one of the best pitcher in baseball. I would need a decent amount back as I can just keep him and use him as an anchor on my staff. I do not need starts back.
Giancarlo Stanton- Crushed lefties but not much else.
Jamier Candelario- FT 1B/3B with good numbers. Would need 3B PA back. Can be poor numbers but younger.
I am looking for draft picks and young players. Please let me know if you have any idea
The Rockies have all their basic needs met for the 2024 season, but need additional Starting Pitcher starts and could use an upgrade at 3B and in the OF.
With the playoffs extremely unlikely, Colorado's main goal is to get younger and inject additional future talent into the roster. As such management is open to all offers and all types of deals. Tovar and protection pick Brenton Doyle are the only likely untouchables. Also, Yandy Diaz, while not untouchable, would be expensive.
If you need PA's at short stop, Paul De Jong could be had for a player of similar age, with similar attributes, that could play first or third. De Jong has 400 PA's and is rated: AV / 20. He has some power, but did not have the greatest numbers at the plate (122 safeties, 3 pwr vs. LHP and 70 safeties, 4 power {26 DDs} vs RHP).
The Royals have started to plan for the draft and the 2024 season.
The Royals have most positions covered and have a handful of picks, but as usual, KC is once again looking for a Fultime Centerfielder. The Royals are willing to listen to all offers and really only Devers and Witt are likely untouchable. SS, Xander Bogaerts (AV / 19 with 154 safeties vs. LHP and 178 vs. RHP) is available and, while currently being considered in a couple of possible deals, could be the cornerstone of a deal returning a quality CF'er.
Aside from a CF'er, the Royals would also be interested in a utility IF a younger first baseman and/or corner OF'er, in some form of package deal.
Angel update their rumour mill due to increased demand (Scott E)
We have picks 20, 79, 99, 110, 116, 140 to fill holes via the draft. Any coming via the trade will be a bonus. Our protection was SS Zach Neto
We could use a good starting pitcher. Not much in the way of surplus sadly. Have a look to see if anything makes sense.
Twins' bats are fine though we are in need of a #3, and #5 guy. Worse come to worse we will fill this in the draft/free agency, hence alluding to 8-8 game scores.
On offer/available are:
Nick Maton, 3B (Pr/2) /2B (Fr/20) only 14 PA's vs LH yet 293 PA's overall so am thinking those interested in filling a position (only?) might have interest.
Greg Allen LF (great role player for us over the years), only 28 PA's though could land a role on any team as PR extraordinaire with his Speed 7, 4 Steal, 9 Jump, and 5 Bunt
Nate Eaton LF, 5 games at CF only 56 dreadful PA's (though played a key role in the NBC 2023 playoffs via SP def and speed, though is in a position squeeze right now) and PR possibility aka Greg Allen with Speed 7, 6 Steal, 3 Jump
Anthony Bass RP with 20 IPs and is reverse rightly who got hosed by the MLB spineless Jays, sorry for the double negative.
Lefthanded batting catchers Reese McGuire 206 PA's (only 27 vs LHs) and Matt Thaiss 307 PA's (only 41 vs LHs) are moveable, but only one of them.
Needs: draft picks, SPs, draft picks, RPs, draft picks. Can only see getting pick offers for most of the non-catchers listed above at this stage though feel free to surprise me.
Other untouchables (ie Canadians) are Freddie Freeman (dual citizen), Matt Brash, Josh Naylor, Jordan Romano, Tyler O'Neill, Nick Pivetta
What the Orioles need:
SS vs LH
LF and RF vs LH
Full time DH
Bullpen arms (can probably pick these up later)
What the Orioles have:
Picks #3, #37, #96, #126, all Bal 2025 picks.
Nick Madrigal 3B (VG/19)
          Of course, we can talk about anyone one on the roster within reason. I have not done much in the way of draft research, was too busy getting my Astros butt kicked by the White Sox....... So I have not equated what the #3 pick could mean as far as a particular player.
What the Astros need:
FT DH or outfielder or r full time outfielder to allow someone to move to DH.
#5 or better SP
Upgrade at 2B.
Backup infielder
What the Astros have:
2024 #89, #119,#149 and Hou #1, #2, #4, #5, 2025 picks.
1B/OF Wil Myers (if someone want to take a flyer on Wil coming back)
OF Kyle Stowers
Take a look and let me know if there is anything to talk about.
First, the juicy piece. Hoerner can be had. It would require either another FT 2B or 3B in exchange. But if you need a young 2B with a T and VG/17 who is also rated (but not FT) at SS. He is 165/1 to LH and 164/2 to RH with 7/9/5 Sp/St/J.
Need a more affordable FT 2B? Or SS or 3B or RF or LF? Then Zach McKinstry is your man! Zach finally lived up to his potential and is poised to be the Tigers’s primary utility guy again next year (out of MiLB options). He is 115/3 to RH and 230/1 to LH. One issue - he is limited to 46 MLB PAs v LH. But if you are a team missing one of those positions, you could do worse than having the long side of a platoon held down by a guy who can cover over half of the field for you. He’s also a fast little sucker at 6/7/2.
If you are more into prospect types with decent PAs, then the Cubs have 2 names for you to consider — 3B Tyler Freeman and SS/2B Liover Peguero. Freeman is 112/5 and FT to LH and 153/1 to RH and has a total of 153 MLB PAs. He is carded but not FT at 2B and SS. 5/5/2 running numbers. Peguero had 213 PAs and was 177/2 to LH and 92/4 to RH. 213 PAs, no limits.
Patrick Wisdom is slated to start at DH v LH, but is kind of wasted on this team. FT 3B (also carded at 1B and RF). 302 PAs. 121/5 to LH and 148/5 to RH.
Another piece worth mentioning is Bailey Falter. Now Bailey isn’t going to be mistaken for Mark Buehrle anytime soon, but he is a “crafty lefty” with 14 starts and a Short rating with a B and numbers that scream “placeholder 5th starter with a shot for more in Pittsburgh”
Beyond this, the Cubs have picks 52, 69, 82, 108, and 112 and some mediocre RPs that could be flipped in packages for upgrades (Hentges, Loup, Almonte, Jansen)
What do we need? Kickass RP, improved picks (with which to draft kickass RPs), a lefty mauler to play DH, a young catcher with a future, and a REAL 3B. But, honestly, just try me. Always looking to shake things up, so maybe there’s a deal I’m not thinking of.
If you want NYM protection to be Senga and trade for him, NYM are open for business. 29 Yr old FT starter with sub 3.00 ERA. So big fish hunting.
NYM also former batting champ, 2B/OF Jeff McNiel available for the right price, with a “VG” range at 2B, .294 avg vs LH, .260 vs RH and a “8” steal. NYM need OF, and picks.
If you need an CF vs LH, Rob Refsynder could be your man. His .308 avg and .428 OBP and steal of 5 could be the table setter you need.
If you need PA’s from catcher, Austin Nola’s 148 could be had for a 5th round pick
The Tigers need a 2B/1B and a starting pitcher to fill out the roster. These can be filled in the draft, but will look to fill sooner if it makes sense.
Players available:
Quality bullpen help
Tanner Scott - 78 innings -
Will Smith - 57 innings
DH filler -Miguel Cabrera
SS - 318 PA - Joey Wendle
SS-OF-3B - Ezequiel Duran - 439 PA
Sox look to be in position to fight for a wild card spot.
Young hitters - I'm not going to trade all of them, but any of them could be had for the right price:
Veteran players - these guys don't have key roles on my current team, so could be moved:
Protection/Draft Picks:
Really, most players are available to be moved. Kyle Tucker and Luis Robert are probably the only truly untouchable players. Reach out with any trade ideas!
I have seen a lot of people looking for bats vs left handers so I will put these guys out there. I have no need to trade them but will listen to offers.
Aaron Hicks 238 PA 270-5 power to left, 156-3 power to right right now he is the bulk of my side outfielder, would need a early to mid pick with mid pick bringing something with it
My biggest needs are side outfielders and 2b, so keep that in mind if you want to get creative.
Open to ideas that help me to a quick rebuild of the team.
Giants are in a little trouble for this season ( an Injured Pitching Staff) so the following players are on the block.....along with early draft picks....
Fairbanks 2.58 era tough in the jam
Joel Payamps 2.55 1.6 War
Kendal Graveman 3.12 era
Brandon Crawford ss
Jon Berti .294 avg Vg ss 3b and OF
Harold Ramirez .313 Sp LF
Hunter Renfroe 20 HRS plays RF and 1b
Giants looking for picks in 2025 CF, 1b 2b 3b and LF or RF