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Fun Fact: Three players have led their league in batting average while not hitting a single home run. In 1902 Pittsburgh center fielder Ginger Beaumont hit .357, Dodgers Hall of Fame left fielder Zack Wheat did it in 1918 while hitting .335, and Hall of Famer Rod Carew lead the league in 1972 with a .318 batting average for the Twins.

Trivia: Name the first major league player over 40 to knock in 100 runs.
  1. Al Oliver
  2. George Brett
  3. Dave Winfield
  4. Carl Yastrzemski
(answer at bottom of page)

18 Draft Day Trades!

Dates to Remember:
April 1st-----------Regular season starts

Trivia answer: C- Playing for the Toronto Blue Jays in 1992, Winfield hit 26 homers and knocked in 108 runs. Toronto won their first of two consecutive World Series that fall.
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